Progress Monday the 23rd of November - fog is no barrier!

Hi Folks,

Thought you might be interested to see some pics from the progress today. The team got the WEC1 Turbine Nacelle lifted up into position in the fog. Tomorrow morning, we will lift the generator into position and then hopefully get the blades up if the weather permits. Despite the fog, it has been a reasonably mild day with very little wind and about -5degC.

Our other success today was completing the commissioning of the Scott Base Frequency Converter and Scott Base Generator Controller Interfaces.

We will be performing commissioning tests on the PowerStore Flywheel System at McMurdo Station tomorrow night and Wednesday night. Following on from this, we expect to have the first wind turbine generating by Thursday/Friday.



  1. I'm a grad student at Southern New Hampshire University. I saw your project in "PM magazine."
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  2. Correction needed to your page heading - New Zealand is spelt NEW ZEALAND>

    "Meridian is building the world's southernmost wind farm with Antarctica New Zealand supported by the United States Antarctic Program. Once completed the three turbines will supply renewable energy to power New Zeland's Scott Base and its neighbour, the American Base at McMurdo Station"

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